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So Excited - It's Sale Time

Goodness, the well known Chameleon summer sale has started and it has been very busy this week. The hot weather here on Arran has certainly put a spring in everyone's step. People have even been known to go in the sea! (in Indonesia where I come from the sea is warm so it is not a surprise to see people in it) Lynn's customers have been telling her all about their swim and the beaches are very busy. I am really pleased to be able to meet and greet people as they arrive to the shop. I am now situated in the porch area and have a great view of Holy Isle and Lamlash Bay. Jane and I had a chat on Monday & Tuesday but she was too busy to pay much attention to me so I had to just occupy myself with the customers instead. I haven't met all of them since I arrived so it was nice to see them and they tell me they come every year to say hi and buy from the great variety of styles. Lynn has been really busy choosing stock for Spring 2021 - and because of COVID she doesn't want to travel very much so is managing to choose some fabulous styles through something she calls 'zoom'. I have also heard her mutter something about a new brand from America which will be perfect for Arran, casual and very different - but I don't know enough about that yet to say much more - no doubt she will tell us all when she has chosen. She may be able to get some for Autumn too which is great news!

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