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Autumn Update

I don't know much about Autumn except to say that the weather is definitely on the change, it certainly is very chilly especially overnight when the heating is off. I am glad I am not greeting customers in the porch now which I am delighted about as its really very cold especially in an easterly wind. Lynn took some time today to sort out the sale rail and there are some great bargains with further reductions from what was already half price! There has also been some lovely new knitwear - one-size styles but beautiful colours, even I as a Chameleon who can change colour depending on my mood am impressed.

It has been a bit of a quieter week so far because this disease that humans get at the moment is proving a challenge and much of the hospitality sector on Arran has had to close for a couple of weeks. I am very optimistic however that things will improve in the end.

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