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I took a Tumble Today

There was a bad storm, called Frances (they seem to name their storms here which is odd as in Indonesia there are always high winds but they don't bother naming them). Anyway, instead of my usual location in the porch I was inside the door on my usual table by the hand sanitiser. I am not sure exactly what happened but I think I was caught in a gust of wind when a man came in to enquire about a bag for his mum. I am ok, but a bit sore. To be honest I normally can 'right myself' and get back up a tree but I was too far away from anything I could get hold off and I was on my back. Lynn had popped in to see Jane and they were too busy chatting and didn't notice I was on the floor. I don't know how long I had been there and because of my mask they couldn't hear me. I reached out and waved my hand and finally they saw me. The day was very busy, in fact the last two weeks have been quite busy because of the sale. New stock is arriving too so I am not getting noticed much which is something I need to talk to Lynn about as I am feeling a bit put out. I will have a word with her tomorrow when she is in for the day. I will have to pick my moment though because she can be a bit dismissive if she is very busy.

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