These collars are fantastic for all sorts of people.  They are one of my best selling 'basics'  and can be worn underneath any top or jumper;


  • If you need to look smart but don't want a whole shirt
  • If you don't like your neck but don't want to wear a scarf
  • If you don't suit low necklines but love the garment - just pop this underneath!
  • These are the plain ones, check out the 'embellished collars' which have pearl buttons on the collar, in black and cream.


Just don't forget if you take your jumper or top off  its only a collar underneath!


Sizing advice:  These are not fitted tightly and are fitted at the side with a  strap similar to a bra strap.  If your size is not here consider a size smaller as they are very generous and sit flat on your decollage.

Plain Collars

  • 100% viscose