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A rainy day...

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Today was very rainy - in fact it didn't stop all morning, I was very glad to be inside and not have the commute to work that Lynn had (although she didn't cycle today and took the car instead). Lynn and I couldn't see Holy Isle for much of the day and everyone that came in had rain coats on. I met lots of people some of whom, although I knew the names from 'Saturday Live' videos I didn't get to meet them face to face. Everyone is wearing their face masks because of something called COVID-19 - I hear people talking about it, but when I left Indonesia a couple of years ago I hadn't heard about it. I think Lynn is making me a face mask but we are not sure if the virus is transmittable to chameleons. As I haven't been anywhere outside the shop it is unlikely I have it, but better to be safe than sorry. I like my new position near the till by the lovely flowers which is a much nicer place to be than high on a shelf.

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1 Comment

Hiya. Thanks for making me smile on such a rainy day. Great to see your mum modelling again. Missing Arran 😁

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