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About Me



I was brought up in Arran and after a 20+ year career in London, I returned to live in 2008. I've often thought of running a boutique and when the chance came to acquire the old Post Office in Lamlash I just had to take it.

Why Chameleon? It's simple! 

Like us, chameleons are able to adapt their colour to their surroundings to stand out or to blend in! 

Customer service is at the heart of what I offer. I seek to provide a personal, relaxed and fun retail experience.  When you shop in person at Chameleon I want to you to be happy with everything you buy, so I offer a Refund & Exchange Policy over and above your legal rights.


Chameleon is all about 'daring people to be different'. Try new styles or a new colour palette and above all feel fantastic in whatever you wear.


I look forward to seeing you!


Lynn Walker

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